The Akhal-Teke is a unique and spectacular horse breed from the plains of Turkmenistan. It has an unmistakable conformation that may take some getting used to, but never underestimate these horses. They are famous for their speed and endurance across enormous distances, as well as their ability to survive extreme climate conditions, their brave and loyal character, and a unique metallic coat.

The Akhal-Teke is not the only breed with the metallic look, but it's most certainly the one most famous for it. The strange sheen, caused by a different hair structure which increases the reflection of sunlight, is also observed in related breeds, like the Russian Don horses.


The horses come in the common base colours black, bay, brown and chestnut. The most famous affector of these colours is cream, causing the well known bright palomino, buckskin and double cream variations, among other colours. It is sometimes said Dun is also present, visible on horses with dark and profound primitive markings, but it has never been proven. As many Akhal-Teke horses appear to have a very strong counter shading, this may be the cause. Grey is rare, but present.

White markings can range from nothing, to large stockings and nearly bald faces. Rabicano is very rare, but present. An undetermined white pattern similar to sabino has the tendency to increase the number of white hairs on the coat, cometimes creating loud patterns with ragged endings and white belly spots.

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