• No sharing or distributing PSD files in any way.
  • Don't save the PSD on your computer (long-term). You can save them on your PC while you work on it, but please add them to your assigned Google Drive folder when you're done and delete from PC afterwards.
  • When making a screenshot for another artist to ask for feedback, please keep the size of the file low (max. 650px width/height).
  • You can talk about the patterns you're working on in the artist's channel on Discord only.
  • Don't talk to other players about the breed/patterns you're working on, as this will create expectations amongst players on the game, while it might be A LONG time before the new breed will be entered. Tamara and Deloryan are the only ones who can show previews as we have more background info. We know which breeds will enter the game quick enough and which won't. So please understand this decision.
  • Keep Deloryan updated about your status. Let her know when you'll go on vacation or won't be active for some time. Like when you would have a real job, make sure we know that you will or won't work for us for a while, so we know what to expect. We understand that you have a real life too, it's just that we want to stay updated so we can send your work to someone else in case this is necessary.


  • Use a PSD per gene or pattern, but not necessarily per variation. Meaning that you don't have to create 5 different files if you're going to make 5 different appaloosa's. You can keep them inside one PSD, but make sure you name all the layers correctly. Whatever you prefer though.


What if you have any questions or if you need to talk to the staff about something?


  • Any questions related to your white pattern, tips or tricks;
  • Check if the references you chose are correct;
  • Assignment check.


  • Sending out new assignments + necessary PSD files;
  • Any questions related to other art, contracts, etc;
  • Creator of the contract between the artist and Studio Deloryan (owner of HR);
  • Keep Deloryan updated about your current status (holidays, sick, study, work, etc).

File Naming

Please name all files in English as followed: 


  • Welsh_stallion_rabicano.psd
  • Welsh_stallion_SW1n.psd
  • Welsh_stallion_SW1SW1_ABCD.psd - (Meaning that 4 versions A, B, C and D are included in this file)

So for versions, you could use A, B, C (or 1,2,3) to indicate there are more versions inside.

You can also save multiple files of course, whatever you prefer. Our preference is to have multiple versions inside 1 file as it makes the combining of patterns and white markings more easily.

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