Blacksmith & Saddle Making


Blacksmithing & Saddle Making is a course of study at the University, leading to a career as a Blacksmith. This degree costs 125,000 HRC to begin. After completing the degree it costs 77,500 HRC to start a company.

There are 16 courses for this degree, and each course has a timer between 1 to 3 hour(s), depending on the course. Each click on a course box is worth 10% of that course, regardless of the time it takes.


Course Time per Click (Hours) Time to Complete Course (Hours)
Health & Safety 1 10
Basic Horse Care 1 10
Advanced Horse Care 2 20
Morphology & Anatomy 1 10
Basic Hoof Care 1 10
Advanced Hoof Care 2 20
Horse Hoof Trimming 1 10
Horse Hoof Shoeing 1.5 15
Basic Iron Forging 1 10
Movement Problems 1.5 15
Conformation & Movement 2 20
Basic Leather Processing 1 10
Horse Anatomy & Saddle Fitting 3 30
Laminitis 1.5 15
Material Processing: Leather 1 10
Material Processing: Iron 1 10

This totals 225 hours of coursework, meaning with maximum efficiency and clicking as often as possible, the earliest this course could be completed is 10 days.


Because the courses do not have to be completed in order, players can make the best use of their time by doing the 1 hour courses when they will be available to check in more often, and the longer timed courses when they are not able to visit the university for multiple hours.

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