Competitions are currently activated by players. Once the Riding Clubs are working, these will be the ones to create competitions. Every continent has their own set of competitions. Each competition lasts for 2 hours. After a competition has finished there is a 15-minute limit to send out rewards. After that, a player can restart the competition again.

Requirements to enter a horse in a competition

  • Have at least 25 HRC on your bank account, which will be used as an entrance fee;
  • The horse needs to be at least 3 years old;
  • The horse's selected discipline should match the competition's discipline you are trying to enter;
  • The horse needs to be in the same location as the owner. Since you cannot travel with your horses yet, you can only enter a horse in a competition when you are on the same continent as your estate;
  • The horse needs to have at least 25% energy, which will be used upon entering the competition.


We currently have the following disciplines:

  • Dressage
  • Driving
  • Endurance
  • Eventing
  • Flat racing
  • Jumping
  • Reining


Background Note: Currently some of the competitions are bugged and don't calculate the scores correctly. Some are purely random, others only consider training and fitness. An overhaul improving the scoring system is in the works.

!!! Important News !!! In May 2020 it was discovered that the wiki information on flat racing, endurance, and eventing was partly incorrect in relation to the actual game mechanics, which contained internal discrepancies as well. You can read all about this in the original news update here. It has been decided in a community poll how to progress especially with the flat racing competitions. The results are found in this news post and the information below has been updated based on them.

For each discipline, there are several things you should take into consideration.

  • Conformation + Genetic Potential
  • Training
  • Physical fitness + Grooming + Performance (randomly picked number to get a bit of variation going)


  • Conformation: canter, posture, trot, walk
  • Genetic Potential: agility, balance, strength


  • Conformation: back, hindquarters, shoulders, trot
  • Genetic Potential: agility, pulling power, speed, stamina, strength


  • Conformation: back, canter, head, neck, trot, walk
  • Genetic Potential: speed, stamina, strength, surefootedness

Note: In Endurance, the competition calculation is correctly using the above set of stats. The Breeder’s Advice will be reworked as it currently doesn't take the walk stat into account.


  • Conformation: canter, head, neck, posture, trot, walk
  • Genetic Potential: balance, bascule, speed, strength, surefootedness

Note: In Eventing, both the Breeder’s Advice and the competition calculation have always taken walk into account, but the old Wiki article didn't mention it as a relevant stat. It has been added and remains part of the formulas.


  • Conformation: back, canter, front legs, hindquarters, shoulders
  • Genetic Potential: acceleration, agility, bascule, sprint, strength

Flat racing

The following stats have been relevant so far:

  • Conformation: back, front legs, gallop, hindquarters, neck, posture, shoulders
  • Genetic Potential for routine 1: speed, acceleration, sprint
  • Genetic Potential for routine 2: speed, acceleration, sprint, stamina
  • Genetic Potential for routines 3-5: speed, stamina (stamina weighing heavier the higher the level you are in)

In the future, flat racing will consider the following stats:

  • Conformation: back, front legs, gallop, hindquarters, neck, posture, shoulders
  • Genetic Potential: Speed, acceleration, stamina, sprint

Note: These updated stats will influence all routines. We hope to differ the weight of the genetic potential stats per routine so it matches better with the length of the races. The reworking of the breeder's advice and scoring calculations will take us some time to code. Please check the news to stay updated!


  • Conformation: front legs, head, hindquarters, neck, shoulders
  • Genetic Potential: acceleration, agility, balance, surefootedness

Competition rewards

Upon entering a horse in a competition you, the player, will receive 10XP.

When the competition is finished, the server will check the top 3 horses of each level within the competition. The owners of the horses that are in the top 3 within each level will receive a monetary reward.

The reward depends on the type of competition, level of the competition, and position the horse placed in.


You've prepared and planned for the big event, everything seems perfect when you hit that Enter Competition button. Your anticipation builds as you click on the "View results" link but you see the word "eliminated" where the score/points should be! So what causes a horse to be eliminated?

Currently eliminations are a random occurance that happen in certain disciplines. They have nothing to do with how well your horse is trained or cared for, and there is no way to prevent them as of now. Just like in real life, eliminations are most common in the eventing and jumping disciplines, and very rare in discipines like dressage. Eliminated horses should not recieve prizes but there is currently a bug that occaisonally still allows them to according to the list of known bugs in the forum.

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