Equine Trainer

Equine Trainer is a course of study at the University, leading to a career as a Trainer. This degree costs 100,000 HRC to begin. After completing the degree it costs 105,000 HRC to start a company.

The goal is to complete each course. There are 14 courses for this degree, and each course sets at timer between 1 to 3 hour(s), depending on the course. Each click on a course box is worth 10% of that course, regardless of the time it takes.


Course Time per Click (Hours) Time to Complete Course (Hours)
Health & Safety 1 10
Basic Horse Care 1 10
Basic Dental Problems 1.5 15
Basic Hoof Care 1 10
Conformation & Movement 2 20
Horse Anatomy & Saddle Fitting 3 30
Exploring Disciplines 1 10
Basic Horse Training 1 10
Advanced Horse Training 2 20
First Aid 1 10
Coaching Skills 1 10
Professional Teaching 2 20
Taming Wild Horses 3 30
Backing & Riding 2 20


Because the courses do not have to be completed in order, players can make the best use of their time by doing the 1 hour courses when they will be available to check in more often, and the longer timed courses when they are not able to visit the university for multiple hours.

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