Caroll (NPC) owner of the Horse Reality Foundation.

Caroll (born October 30, 1990) is a British horse collector and breeder. She inherited the horse breeding farm "The Horse Reality Foundation" from her grandparents when they died. As she had been roaming around on their farm since she was just a little girl, it only made sense that she would continue their work. With the Horse Reality Foundation already being a leading horse breeding company with establishments all over the world, Caroll was very lucky to own such a refined business at her age.

In addition to her being a real horse lover, she is also an exceptional business woman with a great sense for detail. Her main goal is to collect and improve all horse breeds. By selling most of her foals, she earns the money to buy new and exceptional breeds, all the while sharing these magnificent animals with other horse lovers.


She is the main NPC (non-player character) of Horse Reality. Caroll owns all the foundation horses in the game and continues to add more whenever she can. As a player you are able to buy foals with new bloodlines directly from her. But as each continent has its own farm with a unique set of foundation horses, colours and characteristics may differ between populations. It is up to the player to find and collect the ones of their desire.

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