Dear Equestrian,

In Horse Reality, we don't really have mandatory things to do besides caring for your horses. You can play the game simply however you see fit. There are tons of options to choose from so the game might be a bit overwhelming at first. So let us give you a little in-depth detail about the game.

When you begin the game, you will start at level 1 and have quite a bit of cash on hand. Before you immediately spend all your cash buying horses and stables, take a minute to read this!

Spend your money wisely

Your HRC can be used for several things:

  • Buying horses
  • Buying stables (be aware that you earn stables in the beginning of the game by levelling!)
  • Going to the university
  • Getting interest from the bank each night
  • Pay for items in the stores

The university is very expensive and you might want to save up some money to start a course. After you finish your course, you can set up a company. However, that also takes a large sum of money before you can do that. Make sure you use your money for a good start., rather than spend everything all at once.

Horse Reality is heavily focussed on realistic colour genetics, so hopefully, that's something you're interested in! It might be a lot at first, but once you start getting the hang of it, you'll notice that most of it is easier to understand then you think.

Getting Started Guides

Down below you will find some guides that get you started at Horse Reality:

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