The Hanoverian was originally bred as a carriage and military horse, it even worked on the land. Because of their size, strength and agility they were commonly used and very popular with all segments of the population. They were bred very carefully, making the breed adapt quickly to new requirements. After mechanisation due to the World Wars, their numbers quickly reduced. Breeders decided to make drastic changes, which rapidly resulted in the Hanoverian becoming one of the most popular and successful sport races in the world.

The breed excels in sports like dressage, show jumping and eventing. The Hanoverian is one of the regulars at the summit on international competitions or the Olympics. They are often declared as one of the best performing sport breeds in the world. To maintain this prestigious breed, the registry isn't completely closed. They are allowed horses of other breeds, provided that they meet the high qualities. Both stallions and mares are extensively tested in order to maintain the high quality.


The Hanoverian doesn't have many special colours. The four base colours, black, seal brown, bay and chestnut are the most common. However, due to the registry not being closed, and breeders keep breeding more and more special colours, it would not be unthinkable that special colours will get into the population. Originally the darker horses with little white markings were more popular, but nowadays it doesn't really matter anymore.

Horse Reality

In this breed you will see the four base colours (black, seal brown, bay, chestnut) and grey.

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