Caring for horses is a recommended part of the game for active players. Not feeding horses will result in their not being able to regain lost energy, which in turn impacts their ability to train and to show in conformation shows and compete. Grooming horses also impacts their performance in conformation shows. However, at present caretaking and energy levels have no impact on breeding, health or lifespan of horses, so it is optional for players not interested in showing or competing with their horses.

How to care for horses


Caring for horses can be done once a day, at 03:00 server time. The caretaking tasks can be found on the Summary tab of each horse. There are 5 tasks to complete:

  • Feed Horse
  • Water
  • Grooming
  • Clean Stall
  • Give Treat

Each task is accomplished instantly by clicking on the associated button, which fills the green bar, and inactivates the button until the next day.

Future Planned Features

Currently, feed, stall bedding and treats are free for players, and of identical quality. In planned updates, there will be a cost and a quality associated with each of these items, and players will have to determine which to use based on their horse's health requirements, energy requirements, desired affection level. See the Equistore for more information.

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