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Farmer crafting area

NOTE: Careers have not yet been implemented in Horse Reality. 
Players may buy companies, and if it is a crafting company, they may purchase supplies
and craft goods. But interplayer sales and trades are not possible, and the exact costs
associated with these careers has not been firmly established.

Farmer Career

The farmer (previously horsefeed producer) makes sure there is enough food available and is the only one who can produce food and restock the Equistore with food. When you become a farmer, you need to buy your crafting materials at the Wholesaler in order to grow crops and create certain mixes.


Starting the Company

Buying a Farm costs: (? HRC?) .  A breakdown of the costs are as follows:

Buying Supplies

Supplies for planting crops can be bought from the [[Wholesaler]].

Supplies needed for making horse feed and treats:

  • Grass Seeds
  • Flax Seeds
  • Alfalfa Seeds
  • Barley Seeds
  • Carrot Seeds

To "Grow" each item requires a mix of these supplies, as well as timer-controlled clicks.

(Insert table for the horse feed and treats, and the number of clicks/time it takes to craft each one.)

Selling Horse Feed and treats

Selling to the Equistore has not yet been implemented.

Selling/Trading to other Players has not yet been implemented.

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