The Icelandic horse is a small to medium sized horse, descending from horses imported by original Scandinavian settlers of Iceland. Both the climate and terrain of Iceland are very harsh, resulting in an excessively sturdy and unique horse breed with a typical feisty, but friendly temperament. They might look small, but don't be mistaken, they are very strong and capable of carrying an adult for longer distances at high speed.

This breed is well known for its extra gaits. Besides the normal gaits: walk, trot and canter, they can have up to two extra gaits, the "tölt" and "flying pace".

Between the 18th and 19th century the cold and harsh climate of Iceland had a dramatic effect on the population. Numbers were very much reduced and once more only the strongest horses survived.

Many horses now reside outside Iceland as they've become one of the most popular horse breeds in the 1950s. Due to the heavily reduced population and diversity in their country of origin, the horses built a low resistance to infectious diseases. In order to prevent a disaster from happening, it is illegal to import horses of any breed to Iceland, and this includes re-importing Iceland-born horses that were exported at some time in their lives.

Colour genetics

Despite the limited amount of influence to this breed in the last several centuries, the Icelandic has a wide range of colours that appear in many horse breeds. The base colours bay, brown, black and chestnut are the most common, but grey, cream, dun and a limited amount of silver also appear in the breed.

Despite the fact there are several white patterns in the breed, the amount of common white markings is quite low. Most blazes and white legs can be attributed to either splashed white-1 and/or tobiano. Roan is also present in the breed.

Two separate white mutations have been identified in the breed, W8 and W21. Both provide the horse with a striking white pattern.

Horse Reality

It is not yet known if this breed will be present for the Open Beta, or appear later in the game.

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