The Kathiawari or Kathiawadi is a breed of horse from the Kathiawar peninsula in western India. It is associated with the Kathi people of that area. It was originally bred as a desert war horse for use over long distances, in rough terrain, on minimal rations. It is closely related to the Marwari horses of Rajasthan; both breeds have been influenced by imported Arab horses. It is found in all base colours except for black, the most common colour is chestnut. Its numbers diminished after Indian independence, and today there are few Kathiawaris left. In the past it was used as a war horse and cavalry mount. Today it is used for riding, in harness and for sports. It may also be used as a police horse.


The average height at the withers is 147 cm. Height should not be more than about 152 cm. The Kathiawari has a concave facial profile, with a broad forehead and short muzzle. The neck and body are proportional and relatively short, while both the head and tail are carried high. One of the breed's most distinctive features is its ears, which curve inward to touch and sometimes overlap at the tips. The Kathiawari has the most extremely curved ears of any breed of horse. 

The Kathiawari Horse is known for having an affectionate and faithful personality. These loyal horses are also extremely brave. In the past, they were renowned for their loyalty and their courage, particularly in battle, when they would defend their masters even if they were wounded. In addition to their bravery and loyalty, these horses are also highly active and intelligent, so they do well with all levels of riders, and they can perform well in a variety of disciplines. They make wonderful riding horses, thanks to their stamina, strength, and temperament.


The Kathiawari equine breed can feature an array of colors that include grey, chestnut, bay, red dun, bay dun, palomino, buckskin, cremello, perlino, and white(?). Skewbald/Pinto patterns are also rarely seen within the breed. However, chestnut is the most common colour seen amongst these horses, along with dun, bay, grey. There is no black in Kathiawari horses.


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