The Lipizzaner is the result of crosses between multiple noble breeds, including the Neapolitan, Iberian horses, arabian and the barb. They were bred for the nobility and as military horses. Only the best stallions and mares were selected for breeding.

The result of this is a slightly heavy but stunning warmblood horse capable of doing the most difficult tricks of classical dressage (haute école) at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. However, the Lipizzaner is also a very good horse for driving, as showed by the four lipizzans of IJsbrand Chardon, one of the world champions in combined driving.

Most of the adult Lipizzan horses in shows are grey, which has led to the belief they can be only this colour. However, they are born black, bay, brown or chestnut. Most turn grey as they age, but it is the tradition that many Lipizzaner riding schools keep a bay or black horse for luck.

Only a few thousand horses of this remarkable breed survive today. 


Horse Reality

Not every Lipizzaner in Horse Reality will turn grey as they age.

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