The Lusitano horse (also called Puro Sangue Lusitano) is a baroque horse breed from Portugal. It is closely related to the Pura Raza Española or Andalusian, also from the Iberian Peninsula. The Alter Real, sometimes seen as a breed of its own, is actually a strain of the Lusitano and known for its bay colour.

This breed has been bred for several purposes in the past, starting out as a warhorse many centuries ago. It has kept its enormous courage throughout time and still displays it when used for bullfighting. Other well kept characteristics are its agility and strength, which are still used during cattle herding.

This history has led to the development of a new horse sport, which is now rising in popularity in Europe: working equitation. When participating, both horse and rider show off their skills and collaboration. The exercises closely mimic the moves a horse has to be able to undertake while herding cattle and thus requires well-practised skills. Especially the higher levels are quite spectacular to watch.

In the past, the Lusitano has also been used for classical dressage and it recently even participated at the Olympics in the Portuguese dressage team. Less known are its skills for driving. In all, this breed is a well-kept secret from the Iberian Peninsula, only recently having been discovered by the rest of the world.


All base colours are present, but the most common colours are bay as well as grey. The MATP gene is represented by both cream and pearl, though the last one is rare. Non-dun1 has been found in the breed, and rumour has it there is one lineage with the dun dilution.


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