The Norman Cob is one of nine French draft breeds and quite popular in its region of origin, Normandy. Outside France and Belgium, only a small number of people are aware of it.

This breed is well known for its good trot and easy temperament, making it very suitable for driving, but also for many disciplines in riding. One may not guess it from its rather heavy conformation, but this horse was of extreme importance in the development of another well-known French breed, the renowned jumper Selle Français.

Colour genetics

This breed comes in a small range of colours, including black, chestnut, bay and brown. Breeders seem to prefer the darker varieties, as often seen in horses that are bred for pulling coaches.

There are no specific white patterns in this breed. The normal markings range from completely absent to a few rare cases of four white legs and considerable face white. Belly spots are extremely rare.

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