The Riding School is owned by Caroll, who also owns the Horse Reality Foundation.

As she owns so many horses all over the world, she can definitely use some extra help caring for her horses. They don't always get the attention they deserve. If you want to earn some extra cash, you can help her out with some chores.

Task EXP Reward Waiting Next task
Muck out the stall of [horse] 1 25 HRC 3 min 350 clicks
Feed [horse] 2 50 HRC 5 min 250 clicks
Pick Hooves of [horse] 4 90 HRC 8 min 200 clicks
Put the horses in the pastures 7 125 HRC 10 min 175 clicks
Groom [horse] for a show 9 175 HRC 12 min 150 clicks
Lunge [horse] 12 230 HRC 15 min 125 clicks
Train [horse] 17 325 HRC 20 min 100 clicks
Ride [horse] 27 550 HRC 30 min
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