The suffolk punch is a medium sized draft breed from the UK. For an (English) draft breed it is pretty small, but with a massive and compact build, which honours its name "punch".

The suffolk is bred to work on the heavy grounds in the East of England en is well-known for it enormous pulling power and perseverance. Besides that they have a lovable and easygoing character, are naturally very healthy and live long.

As a result of mechanisation there are so little left of this breed that people are afraid it will go extinct. With only 300 horses left in England, the official status is still "critical".


The breed is uniformly chestnut. Some animals have flaxen mane and tail. The registry recognizes 7 different shades of 'chesnut', with the average red coats, mane en tail being the most popular.

White markings are frowned upon, though white on the face is allowed. White feet do exist, but mostly outside the British population.

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