Admins of the game


The creater, owner and main developer of Horse Reality. Generally the "face" of Horse Reality. She started playing horse games as she couldn't afford a horse of her own. On one of those horse games, she met Tamara.


Our horse manager. Her time is mostly dedicated on colouring all the breeds for the game and researches all there is to know about horses. She has a biology degree which gives her a better understanding about the (colour) genetics of horses. Usually she also manages our Social Media and Wikia.

Before they started with Horse Reality, they both had their favourite horse breeds. Deloryan favored friesians above all and Tamara was a big fan of gentle giants, with a special place in her heart for shires. All the research of other horse breeds gave them a real eye opener, there are so many amazing horse breeds in the world! Each with their own personality, looks, characteristics and history

Through Horse Reality they want to show you the beauty behind those breeds. But to represent these marvelous horses they needed great artists. Which is why they searched for incredible artists to help them creating this breathtaking game.


The second developer of Horse Reality. Usually comes into play when we have big updates to do. Helps mainly with the security of the website, bugfixes and features.

Credits to artists

All people that worked with us at Horse Reality are credited here.

Artist Contact Period of time Art type
S. (Jullelin) Ingelmark Website | Deviantart 2014 - present Linearts
SoihtuSS Deviantart 2015 - present Digital Art
M. Ugarte Website 2015 - present Digital Art
J. Tarkela Website 2016 - present Digital Art
L. Little Website | Deviantart 2015 - 2016 Items
T. Thorondor Website | Deviantart 2015 - 2016 Backgrounds
Grand-Corsair Deviantart 2015 Icons
S. McGowan Website 2015 Digital Art
A. Brost Website |


2014 - 2015 Digital Art
M. Simon Deviantart 2012 - 2015 Digital Art
S. Bergmann Deviantart 2013 - 2014 Digital Art
T. Vilson (feverpaint) Deviantart 2013 Digital Art
A. Debets Deviantart 2012 - 2013 Linearts
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