In Horse Reality a year in the game will be 16 days in real life. When you break that into pieces, it means that 4 days in real life is a season in the game.

Here are some of our most commonly used times:

In-game Real life
1 year 16 days
1 month 32 hours
Event Real life
Competition 3 hours
Horse Show 3 hours
Award Ceremony 30 minutes (max)
Pregnancy 13.5 - 17 days
Giving Birth 30 minutes (max)
Travel Cooldown 50 - 120 minutes

Breeding a horse takes between 13.5 and 17 days in the game. We did this to keep a little bit of variation within the game. Otherwise, all horses would give birth at exactly the same time after "11 months".

As for travelling, we decided that it would be easiest to instantly arrive at the intended destination. This means you can do what you came for immediately. However, in order to keep players from travelling too fast, we have added a travel cooldown which simulates the time you would normally need to "travel" there.

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