Tobiano is a white pattern based very close to the KIT gene. It is also called piebald or skewbald in the UK and one of the easiest recognizable white patterns.


Tobiano is on average fairly easy to identify by looking at the shape of the colored spots on the edge or inside the white area. They often form round ovals of colour and this is most easy to see on the flanks of a tobiano horse, where nearly always round patches of colour remain.

As several other white patterns, tobiano works 'from the bottom up', starting with the legs and then working up onto the body. But unlike most other patterns, it also works 'from the top down', where it often begins with a white spot somewhere on the crest of the neck or the backline of the horse. This is most obvious in patterns where the white from both sides 'reach out' to another, but fail to touch in the middle.

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