White Spotting, also known as Dominant White, is a general name given to a large number of white spotting patterns which are caused by mutations in the KIT gene.

Currently, 27 different KIT mutations have been discovered and are available for testing in reality. However, not all breeds that have these mutations, as well as all genes have been implemented in the game yet.

Down below you will find the extensive list of mutations that have been found until today (Sept 24th, 2018). Since a lot of mutations have been discovered pretty recently, we haven't managed to add all mutations to the game yet. Each test lists if it's added to the game yet.

Test In-game Breed(s) Bloodline(s) Comment
W1 Franches-Montagnes Cigale
W2 Thoroughbred KY Colonel
W3 yes Arabian Horse R Khasper
W4 Camarillo White Sultan
W5 Thoroughbred Puchilingui
W6 Thoroughbred Marumatsu Live
W7 Thoroughbred Turf Club
W8 Icelandic Horse Pokkadis vom Rosenhof
W9 Holsteiner Horse
W10 yes Quarter Horse GQ Santana
W11 South German Coldblood
W12 Thoroughbred Extinct
W13 Quarter Horse
W14 Thoroughbred Shirayukihime
W15 Arabian Horse Khartoon Khlassic
W16 Oldenburg Horse Celine (Relevant, Cordeur)
W17 Japanese Draft Hakubahime
W18 Swiss Warmblood Schimmel
W19 yes Arabian Horse Fantasia Vu
W20 Arabian Horse, Camarillo White, Franches-Montagnes, Holsteiner, Icelandic Horse, Japanese Draft, American Miniature Horse, Oldenburg Horse, Peruvian Paso, Quarter Horse, Swiss Warmblood, South German Coldblood, Thoroughbred
W21 yes Icelandic Ellert frá Baldurshaga
W22 Thoroughbred Not Quite White
W23 Arabian Horse Boomori Simply Stunning
W24 Trottatore Italiano Via Lattea
W25 Thoroughbred Laughyoumay
W26 Thoroughbred Marbrowell
W27 Thoroughbred Colourful Gambler, Milady Fair
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