Wildlifepark NorthAmerica Mustang

The wildlife parks are a great place to find feral horse breeds. These breeds are not available in the Foundation and can only be caught in the wild. This area is located on the top right-hand side of the city map and is labelled “Wildlife Park”.

Visiting a wildlife park will cost 1 Wildpark Ticket (WT) and gives a player 20 clicks for a chance at a random encounter with a feral horse. When a horse appears you can choose whether you want to "catch the horse" or "look further". You will only see what the horse looks like and which gender it has when it appears. If you choose to catch the horse, it might be that you're out of luck and the horse will escape. However, if you catch the horse, you will be automatically redirected to the profile of your new horse and your turn in the wildlife park will be over. Meaning that you can only get out of the wildlife park with 1 horse at a maximum.

Wildlife parks that are currently open:

At the moment you can always enter the two wildlife parks that are opened. However, in a later stage of the game, the parks will be opened and closed regularly. So we wouldn't have them opened continuously.

Location Breeds
Europe Camargue, Exmoor
North America Mustang
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